Here at Storgē, our mission is to create quality products that are beautiful, functional and most importantly sustainable. We strive to be environmentally and ethically conscious so our children can inherit a cleaner and less polluted world

Our Production

Our objective is to contribute to both society and environmentally- conscious vendors and companies. Our products are crafted by a team of skilled mothers, all of whom work in a fair and equitable environment, receiving fair wages. Their remarkable attention to detail and expert hand-sewing skills are also worth noting and can be seen in the quality of our products

Storgē will continually seek opportunities to enhance our sustainability initiatives. This includes in the products we create, the way we package them, and the way we conduct our business as a whole

Our Materials

In our commitment to sustainability, we are meticulous about the origins of the materials we use in our products. For our backpacks, we make a conscious choice to utilize PET bottles as a key component in the production. This not only gives a second life to plastic bottles but also helps reduce the overall demand for new plastic production, thereby mitigating plastic waste in the environment.

When it comes to our vanity case, blanket, towels and PJs, we prioritize organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, which not only ensures a higher quality and softer texture but also promotes healthier soil and water conservation practices, hence kinder to the Earth.

Our Packaging

In our efforts to minimize the environmental impact of our packaging, we have adopted the use of reusable cotton canvas bags. These bags are designed to serve a dual purpose: not only do they offer a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solution, but they can also be repurposed by our customers for various needs, reducing single-use plastic waste.

To further reduce our carbon footprint, we opt for recyclable tissue packaging and biodegradable corn starch packaging. The use of recyclable materials ensures that our packaging can be reused or repurposed, contributing to a circular economy, while biodegradable corn starch packaging naturally breaks down over time, leaving no lasting environmental impact.

Our careful material sourcing and packaging choices aims to minimize plastic waste, promote eco-friendly materials, and reduce our overall environmental footprint.